The Bottle has been designed to not be single use. 





 Each Gush Valley Bottle comes with measurement along its side. Track how much water you drank or should be drinking. Great for tracking daily intake of Gush Valley Mineral Water.


Drink , Re use , Measure, Recycle   

After drinking use your bottle to measure anything from olive oil and flour to petrol. Use our specially designed bottles to measure and store liquids and powders for as long as you need to. Please click on the link to learn how to use your bottle to measure. You can sill use the bottle to measure even if the label gets damaged as there is measurement markings engraved on the bottle itself. The bottle is also designed to be recycled. With a heavier weighted plastic it's easier and more valuable to recycle.  

Measure link    


We at Gush Valley care about the environment thats why our entire life cycle is eco driven. After drinking reuse the bottle to measure in your kitchen or give it your kids to make an awesome gizmo or tool. Adults can use the bottle also from gardening to uses around the house or office.   

Have fun with the kids or do a more advanced project , we have it all here 

Click on the link bellow 

Fun with a bottle link 


The bottle is made form PET plastic. PET is BPA and

bisphenol-S free and is an inert reusable plastic.

More info can be found here: www.petco.co.za. Some of Gush Valley bottles are made with 30% recycled PET plastic. The lid and sleeve label is protective during its life cycle as is therefore also reusable. All the plastic is 100% recyclable and Gush Valley does it own recycling. We collect used bottled with every delivery. The bottles caps and labels are then recycled in our recycling plant to make various products. Even though this is not carbon neutral yet we are working towards this. Within the Gush Valley Life Cycle we are getting close to Zero extra carbon emissions to run our power and logistic needs. 

The lid is made from HDPA and the label PET. 


Before refilling with water, wash bottles between each use with soap and warm water, use a bottle brush or similar tool to get deep into the bottle.  

Bottles shouldn't be exposed to temperatures above 70 degrees celsius for long periods of time. studies have shown after 38 days of exposure to 70 degree heat the PET plastic can start to break down. This is practically not possible but the research is done.  

The Sleeve Labels forms a protective layer from the sun to keep the bottle cooler then other bottles.